Last night I went to a birthday party. A proper grownup house party, with cocktails and gin and prosecco and 3 types of guacamole.

I’ve been playing it very safe until now. This was a milestone. My first social occasion without alcohol. I didn’t miss it at all. I might have had more fun sober than I would have had if I’d been drinking all the cocktails, gin and prosecco.

I was brilliant. I was confident. I was myself.

I had catchups with old friends and great chats with new friends. People were interested in the sobriety move. They asked questions. They offered their stories.

Over the past few months I’ve had emails, messages and real conversations with people who have said that they’ve been inspired to cut down on alcohol or even stop drinking completely. But I also hear people say the exact words that I had said:

‘I could never do that’.

I am doing it.

I ate crisps, hung out in the garage, stood in the line for the toilets. I took loads of selfies. And then I drove back home.

Day 84.


I keep coming back to these words by Rupi Kaur


In love

With your solitude


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